Weekend in Big Sur

Happy Sunday! This weekend I had the pleasure of going down to Big Sur California for my best friend Melissa’s engagement! It was a small group of her closest friends and family arranged by her now fiance as a surprise for her after he got down on one knee and popped the question.

The proposal happened  around dusk last night outside the Restaurant at Ventana and was followed by great food, good wine, laughter, and games. The group shared a bunch of the delicious starters with my favorite being the truffle risotto and the tuna tartar. For my main course I ordered the Wild King Salmon, which I have to say it was some of the best Salmon I have had in a really long time.  I also had to make sure and try Melissa’s pork loin wrapped in bacon with a fig jam. So good! Of course this was not the end of it. After dinner we shared pretty much every dessert on the menu and I was almost literally licked all of the plates clean. However my motto is you only have your best friend get engaged once so you need to enjoy!


This morning  I awoke to a slight stomach ache from the over abundance of sugar and alcohol from the night before. So I decided the only cure was to go for a run in the beautiful Pheiffer National Park and explore. After my 6 mile run I stumbled onto a beautiful hiking trail and decided to climb up and see what it was all about. The scenery was amazing and well worth the extra effort! The trip ended up being pretty quick, but now after just having a taste of Big Sur I feel another trip is soon on the horizon

hike4hike5photo hike3

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