Becoming a Centurion

Happy Sunday everyone! So for those of you who know my awesome boyfriend you may know he is in the process of becoming a personal trainer. Through this process he started a weekly e-mail he sends out to close family and friends every Sunday including various articles. The articles are all focused on health and fitness, which can be anything from vitamin supplements, getting enough sleep, new diets, workout tips, etc. I thought this was such a brilliant idea that I have now decided I wanted to take a trick out of his book and share a couple of articles with all of you that I found really interesting.

A few months ago I was at a spa in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and picked up a National Geographic to skim through while waiting for my appointment. Inside was a really interesting article on people who live to be past 100 and the commonalities they all share.  I thought the information provided was really interesting and insightful. So I did some online re-search I pulled together two articles that talk about this topic.


The first article is “The Towns where People live the Longest”  from the New Interchange Institute. The article discusses how the top 3 places in the world where the greatest population is living to be past 100 are from Okinawa, Japan; Ovodda, Sardinia; and Loma Linda, California.

Hong Kong1

The second article is Hara Hachi Bu – Confucius; Eat less and live longer by Dr. Barkat Charania. This article discusses the commonalities people have who live to be over 100.

With the most commonalities being:

  • Eating fewer calories
  • Staying active and using more calories
  • Eating predominantly plant based diet’s
  • Having a purpose to live
  • Living a balanced life in all different ways
  • Getting involved in your people
  • And lastly Meditation and prayers

The biggest tips I personally took away from both articles is to try make fruits and vegetables your main staples at every meal, move your body more and everyday, be a part of your community, family, and friends, have faith and something to believe in, and overall just live life in a balanced way.

It makes living to 100 not sound so hard right 🙂

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