Pop Physique San Francisco- No longer a Pop Virgin


As I have said before and I will probably say a few hundred times more, I am obsessed with Barre workouts! I also happen to love finding a killer deal and trying something new. So when I saw Pop Physique had a special of $45 for 5 classes I was automatically in!

Pop Physique is an LA based company which is easy to identify after visiting their website. The site radiates an allure and sex appeal to it. A well defined ladies derriere is front and center upon logging on. The bursts of neon color’s, and the “Pop Virgin?” question start to take a hold of you just taunting you to join to see what this place is all about.  In San Francisco I practice Barre weekly at the Dailey Method and Avant Barre, both two very different and amazing studios. I have also tried Cardio Barre along with Barre Classes at Studio Mix. I have found most studios in the city will let you try a class for free for the first time or at a great rate for a newbie.  If you are not afraid to try new workouts or going to new places I highly recommend always taking advantage of the new client specials along with looking for deals on sites like Groupon or Living Social.


I purchased my Pop Physique deal back in January, but with the location not being as convenient to my apartment and with the popularity of the place I had a tough time getting a class booked. I finally ended up just deciding to book all of my classes a few weeks in advance so I could make sure and take advantage before the expiration in April.


This morning I took the 6:00 am Pop Sculpt class. Since the studio is about 20 minutes from my place so I had to get up around 5:25 am, which I have to admit was really early! I made my way across town and I found parking pretty easily, which I think was mainly due to the early hour.


Walking into the studio you immediately feel like you have walked into a place for the elite and cool. There were several girls sitting on the side and waiting anxiously in hopes of a space opening up. I stepped in line to check in and noticed all of the well dressed, attractive, and hip girls before me.  I soon made my way to the main studio which was one of the most beautiful and zen spaces I have worked out in. The room was filled with dark hard wood flooring and giant windows in the back overlooking a garden space. Overhead were giant white light fixtures that were able to give a mellow, yet warm enough glow. I grabbed my pink ball, mat, and weights and the fun began!


Pop Physique was similar to The Dailey Method and Physique 57 in that all of these studios have you incorporate weights into the workout, which I personally love for resistance training. The workouts were fast paced and challenging, but also spread out in a way that you could still feel pushed without overly exhausted. Overall and I would rate this place a 3.8 out of 5 stars. The biggest pro for Pop Physique is really the workout itself, it was awesome and I definitely got my sweat on! The space is also amazing and unlike its competitors in the city, Pop Physique will offer fantastic deals throughout the year to all clients, not just new members. The biggest cons here are there is only one studio in the city, which if you do not live close to makes it less convenient. Classes book up really fast so you have to be a pre-planner in order to get in and parking is tough on any normal business hour. However it was a great first experience and I am excited for the next 4 classes ahead of me!

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