Happy Valentines Day


To be honest I have never been a big fan of Valentines Day. Having spent most of my adult life without a Valentine  the day always seemed to be more of a “Single Awareness Day” then it was a day to celebrate the ones you love. Now having had a Valentine for the last few years I can say that even though it is still not my favorite holiday of the year it has started to grow on me and I find more appreciation in the day then I once did.


Typically I am in New York City for work every Valentines Day and for the first year in a long while my trip happens to be the week after. So instead of spending the night in a quaint, dark, brick walled restaurant in New York City with my two closest girlfriends I was able to spend the night with my wonderful boyfriend.

Tonight we spent the evening with two of our closest friend and decided a double date with beer, Little Star Pizza, and Netflix’s Season 2 Premier of House of Cards was better then any romantic date we could do on our own. Dinner was delicious. Little Star’s deep dish corn meal crust pizza is something there is no words for. The crust is thick, buttery, and just melts in your mouth.

To try and make the dinner a little healthier I made a giant salad with a bunch of my leftover veggies to go with it. This way I was able to fill most of my plate with the yummy greens and by doing so was able to get fuller without having to eat half of the pizza. Which after a day of spinning and Barre I was ready to devour it all! To top off the amazing dinner the four of us all split a homemade red velvet cream cheese cupcake my girlfriend had made. To me there is no dessert better then one that is homemade.


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