Dustin’s Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 3/9/14

Happy Sunday Everyone! As I mentioned last week my boyfriend Dustin is working towards becoming a personal trainer. Well on Friday he passed the NASM-CPT certification exam! This means my honey is now officially certified to personally train people, which I could not be more proud of him. So now starts the journey we all know and love of finding a new job.

Last Sunday I sent out a weekly article which was inspired by my boyfriend and the weekly health and fitness articles he has been sending out to a small group of our close friends and family. With that said we decided instead of continuing to send out his weekly articles to the small group it might be better served to share the articles in a place where more people would be able to read and enjoy. Every Sunday be on the look out for Dustin’s guest post on this.

As he outlined when he first started sending the article’s to our group “Not all of the articles will interest you, some you might disagree with, some you might already be familiar with, and some you won’t even read. But my goal is to simply provide awareness and if the information interests or benefits you then that’s a plus!”

Enjoy everyone!

Certified Personal Trainer

3 thoughts on “Dustin’s Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 3/9/14

  1. Now following this blog. And a healthier person for it. Really excited to see the output of the merger. I will lobby to make sure it makes it past the FTC.
    – AG

  2. I love Mark’s Daily Apple. It’s a staple in my blog must-reads 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have been a weekly visitor.


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