Things I Love This Week



Walking down 24th street in the Mission District admiring some of the amazing mural art. If you have not taken a stroll in this part of the mission district you should go check it out. It is eclectic, unique, and has a very different vibe then what you find down on 16th and Valencia. New restaurants and bars are starting to pop up here as well, so a good area to keep on your radar.


The other day I ordered the Curry Chicken open faced sandwich from The Grove at Yerba Buena downtown for a quick lunch while shopping. In order to keep this meal a little healthier I only ate one slice of the bread, but all of the chicken and greens. I finished my meal feeling satisfied and full.



Coffee off of Polk Street in Russian Hill at Saint Frank’s Coffee. Walked in around opening at 7:00 am after my Pop Physique class. Bright, open, relaxing, minimalist space. I ordered a delightful pour over coffee and topped it off with some almond milk and a little sugar.


The other love of my life Cooper. I wonder if it is possible to fit a 3rd ball in that mouth, I know he would love to try.

   photo photo

My new vintage coat, I love a good find.  Growing up my mom owned a kid’s consignment store, so I have used clothes in my DNA. This one is via Buffalo Exchange in the mission. This steal was $30 which for a nice wool coat can’t be beat.



Friday night I ate dinner at a new restaurant in Russian Hill called Verbena. This restaurant opened just three months ago and what I find noteworthy about it is all of the vegetables they use are sourced from a small local family farm. The ambiance is warm and inviting, but the place also keeps a sophisticated feel to it. I would say the best approach to eating here is to split a few different dishes. This way you can try a little bit of everything on the menu. None of the portions are huge, so be warned you probably won’t want to go here starving as it could cost you. However the food was quite good and very flavorful. The presentation of the dishes also made me feel like I was eating something truly special. The dishes we tried were the Sprouted Seed bread with chevre with beet sauerkraut, The beets with hazelnut curds, teviso, with citrus, and lastly the Koji Quail. Can you tell I like beets?


We may have lost some light in the morning with the time change, but I decided to not let that stop me from wearing some color in spin class this morning.

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