Things I Love This Week


photo 4

 There is nothing better then walking through the city in Spring to find everything in blossom. The flowers are starting to add an aromatic fragrance and whimsical feel to the urban streets.  This cluster of flowers particularly caught my eye, along with this patch of ferns.

photo 11

The other cold, grey Saturday I ventured over to one of my favorite cozy neighborhood bars The Homestead for an afternoon cocktail to celebrate one of my nearest and dearest girlfriend’s birthday. There is nothing quite like sitting in front of an old wood burning fire place, wearing a navajo inspired sweater, sipping on a Old-Fashioned, snacking on peanuts while throwing the shells on the floor, all at 4:00 in the afternoon. If you are not an afternoon drinker it might be time you try becoming one.

photo 3

Keeping with the theme of birthdays the other weekend I took my favorite yoga partner and dear girlfriend to the Asian Art Museum for their current yoga exhibit.  The exhibit explores the history of yoga through visual art in the form of sculptures, paintings,  and drawings. My favorite part however was a simple wall where visitors could pick a card with their birth year bracket and write a note on how yoga has affected them personally. You are then able to place your card along a wall to share with your fellow yogis. Above is a snap shot of mine and my girlfriends. The simple things are always the most inspiring to me. 

photo 5

Walking out of the San Francisco court house after paying an unpleasant car ticket to stumble upon a pet bird sitting on the stoop. I love the randomness the city provides on a daily basis.

photo 1

I think I have become obsessed with the mural art in the mission. I seem to find myself on a regular basis with my morning coffee in one hand while snapping a photo of a wall with the other. This one seemed to have a Frida Kahlo vibe to it. I love the organic, slightly morbid, and dark feel it brings out.

photo 2

Coffee has become so much more then what it used to be. It is not about the quick starbucks grab and go, but has become a decadent morning splurge. We wait for individual cups to be slowly made and poured to order. At this neighborhood spot the barista will actually open a  tube of beans from your recently ordered choice so you can take a lingering whiff of the fragrant beans just to enlighten your overall coffee experience.

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