Things I am Loving This Week- Halloween


I love and adore  Fall. There are so many reasons why. One is due to the new abundance of fall squashes and pumpkins. There are so many types and varieties or squashes. Roasting them is so easy and they all taste amazing. They can be sweet, savory, simple, or decadent. The first time you go to cook one of these big guys it is intimidating to say the least. Once you learn the tricks of the trade you wont be able to stop! My favorite type right now kabocha squash. If you have never tried it I recommend you go out and get one this week!


Nothing quite makes an October  Saturday morning like being all bundled up and walking to your neighborhood coffee shop through the morning fog. Upon ordering my almond milk latte I found a smiling cat looking back up at me. It is funny how something so simple can really make you so happy.


My absolute favorite day of the year is Halloween! I use the whole month of October as a tribute to the 31st and try to surround myself with scary movies, pumpkin flavored anything, haunted houses, and all while wearing cozy sweaters. On this spectacular night it was a slumber party at one of my close girlfriends house. We all wore witches hats, drank wine, cooked, and watched The Craft. All in all amazing!


Part of getting ready for a holiday is engulfing yourself in everything it has to offer, which includes decorating. It is nice to transform your home into a story, fairy tale. I bought this wreath and am obsessed with the bright colors, sparkle, and fun of it.


Part of decorating is also doing it for others to enjoy. I came across this house in Pacific Heights coming home from the gym last Saturday morning. I immediately pulled over and had to capture it. Pictures do not do this place any justice.


Nothing is better then close girlfriends, especially those who know you so well. I have 3 amazing friends who brought me a homemade center piece for my annual Halloween party. The pumpkin even came from the pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay. It is one of the most amazing and thoughtful gifts I have ever received. Nothing but love!

IMG_0378 IMG_0431

This year for Halloween I ended up dressing up twice. Once for an annual karaoke event called Scareokee where I decided to channel Lady Gaga for singing inspiration.  The other was for my annual Halloween party, Cruella Deville anyone? I love transforming myself into another person for an evening. I like to take on a whole new persona and really get into character. I also decided now being over the age of 30 it was time to embrace this body I work so hard for. I never thought I would be brave enough to wear a leotard out. I remember seeing girls wearing them at parties and thought if only I had the body, the confidence, and the self esteem. Although these feelings may still be with me now, I have found it is important to just let go and let yourself be free. Even if it is for one night only.

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