Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 12/14/14

A Lack of Bacteria Can Make You Overweight– Probiotics is becoming a new buzz word in healthy eating, just like gluten free was a couple of years ago. I for one of course am fascinated by the subject of gut bacteria and what it does to our body. I found this article to be one of the best I have read on it so far. “There has been an explosion of research into how bacteria affect human health, and body weight is one of the most intriguing areas. There is growing speculation that rising rates of obesity may be due in part to increased use of antibiotics, which may be wiping out bacteria that help humans convert food into energy efficiently. ”

Attention, Employers: Millennials Have Made Their Demands– Ok so this might not technically be a health or fitness article, but I am a big believer that everything affects your well being, especially work which is part of your day to day life. I have been to several conferences of late and the subject is the same. There is no longer the distinct separation between work and home life like there once was. With the new age of social media the line of work life seperation is becoming more and more blurred. “Millennials do not believe that productivity should be measured by the number of hours worked at the office, but by the output of the work performed. They view work as a ‘thing’ and not a ‘place.’”

Weight Gain Carries Risks, No Matter Your Weight– This is a really short article and a fast read. Essentially it boils down to this ” Study found that increases in B.M.I., even within the normal range, led to extensive adverse metabolic changes, while modest weight loss led to multiple favorable changes. ”

Should You Train When Injured– I think this article is very good at laying out how you can work through an injury and still be safe.  “If you’re doing something in your workouts that’s making your injury worse — you’re doing too much. But there’s no reason (unless you’re told by a medical professional) to let all of your hard earned progress go to waste! Training doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Sometimes we have to take some steps backward in order to continue moving forward, and finding that right balance is the key.”

Can High-Fructose Corn Syrup Make You Hungrier?– “In a series of studies we have found that when compared to glucose, the simple sugar, fructose, is a weaker suppressor of brain areas that help control appetite and the motivation to eat,”


Photo from Huff Post


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