Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 05/10/15

Sorry about the delay in posting! Traveling for over 2 weeks will cause delays, especially when most of the time you are overseas. Enjoy!

Why ‘Natural’ Doesn’t Mean Anything Anymore– As courts are starting to face law suits against food manufacturers using the word “natural” in marketing, it makes everyone start to think about what the word means. This article dives into the complexity of trying to define the word natural. Very interesting. “When the federal judges couldn’t find a definition of “natural” to apply to the class-action suits before them, three of them wrote to the F.D.A., ordering the agency to define the word. But the F.D.A. had considered the question several times before, and refused to attempt a definition. The only advice the F.D.A. was willing to offer the jurists is that a food labeled “natural” should have “nothing artificial or synthetic” in it “that would not normally be expected in the food.””

Study: Creativity Can Reduce Stress — And Become A Habit– I for one spent most of my life in creative endeavors. I painted, did photography, stamping, card making, re-doing furniture, decorating, etc. As I got older I started to let this side of me slowly decline to a point where I feel like it is almost not existent. Part of the reason I started this blog was to bring back creativity in my life. I love this article because it highlights why creartivy is important and ways to start incorporating it back into your own life.  “Essentially, creativity and productivity, far from being opposed, go hand in hand. Productivity on meaningful work encourages engagement with that work, and this engagement fosters creativity.”

Can Music Be Used As Medicine?– This is an interesting article that brings to the forefront the new research being done on music and how it can affect our health. There is still a lot more that needs to be looked at before there is conclusive evidence. However if you are like me, music definitely can affect my mood, so why not my health? “Imagine if those apps could predict exactly which song would be best to help you focus, or to slow your heart rate after a run. (“You seem stressed. How about Sigur Ros?”) And if technology could predict how music affects the body, could it suggest music to treat symptoms of a disease?”

If You Love Yogurt, Then It Is Time To Explore Its Global Culture– I am obsessed with yogurt. I eat it every morning without fail. I am constantly trying new kinds and varieties to see which one I like the best. When traveling I love trying new food, but I also love trying different countries yogurts. With different pasteurization laws compared to the US, you get a completely different taste. Richer, creamier, and just better. So of course when I saw this article I had to read it. It is a pretty simple article, but what I like is all of the recommended yogurts at the bottom. I have tried almost all of them and currently have 3 of the kinds recommended in my fridge. For yogurt lovers it is a good little read.

How Filthy Is Your Beard?– I for one love beards on men. I have always found them to be attractive and endearing. However I have never stop to think about the bacteria in them. This article talks to just that. All in all, it sounds like mean might want to make sure they are spending extra time on cleaning the glorious facial hair. “Several of the beards that were tested contained a lot of normal bacteria, but some were comparable to toilets.”


Photo from Huff Post


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