Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 6/15/14

World Cup Refs Run 6 Miles Per Game– With the World Cup just kicking off I thought it would only be fitting to include an article on the subject. However instead of having it geared to the players, lets take a look at the amount of work the Ref;s have to do per game. I for one would not have guessed the amount of exercise needed.

Overestimating How Hard We Exercise– We always hear how important it is to make sure we are getting enough physical activity in every week. For adults it is recommended 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise each week. However this article raises the question do adults know what moderate exercise is vs. vigorous?

Protein and Muscle: The Basics– I for one know I need to incorporate more protein in my diet. However if anyone else is like me I struggle on how much should I have and when. This article is short and sweet, but does a good job summarizing how protein helps muscles build.

If We Want People to Eat Real Food, We Must Make It Easier to Eat Real Food- This is more of an opinion article, but I think it has some good points.  “If we are going to invest in a broad campaign telling people to “eat real food,” we must also invest in a broad campaign to make eating real food an “easier” choice to make.”

10 Biggest Diet Mistakes– Having been successful with weight loss I have to say I really agree with all of the points made in this article. A lot of this I practice or did when I was starting my journey.


Photo from Huff Post

4 thoughts on “Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 6/15/14

    • Hi! I just checked it out and I love how honest and open you are. It is very refreshing! How is the challenge going? Also thanks for checking out my site!

  1. The protein intake hit home. I huge lesson learned from MyFitness pal was that I needed to increase the percentage of protein, no easy task by what food is readily available. I wish companies would stock healthy food as well. We do eat what’s in front of us and I try very hard not buy sweets as I eat them in one sitting, 1 gram or 100 grams.

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