Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 10/5/14

Food Color Trumps Flavor– Had anyone else heard about the new black burger at Burger King in Japan? This story starts with an introduction to this product, which I find very intriguing. It pulls you into the article and makes you want to know more.  “Researchers have known for some time how powerful color is in influencing our perceptions and desires for food. Studies have shown, for example, that when it comes to our experience of food, color is more important than product labeling and even taste.”

How Exercise May Protect Against Depression– This article is a little technical and focuses on research done on mice in regards to depression and exercise. Essentially the research found that exercise does help curb symptoms of depression.  So moral of the story if you start to feel stressed exercise will be your best way to combat depression symptoms.

 Sense of Humor Changes with Age– It is interesting because even now at 31 I see my humor has changed slightly from where it was a decade ago. How does our sense of humor change? “What the authors found was that older adults were much less likely to be fans of the aggressive style of humor—laughing at the expense of others. Young adults were also more likely to smirk at the clips that showed self-deprecating humor, while The older participants, meanwhile, liked affiliative humor—the kind of jokes that bring people together through a funny or awkward situation.”

How to Manage Sore Muscles and Joint Pain– I for one have frequent sore muscles as I tend to switch up what I do for exercise or push my intensity limits. I find even taking more than one week off from strength training will cause my muscles to get worked when I start back up again. I am a big believer that you can work through sore muscles as long as you are doing a different exercise then what caused the soreness in the beginning. So after a barre class that leaves my legs a little shaky, the next day usually a run will make me feel better. This article is quick and walks you through what causes muscle soreness and how you can help it.


Photo from Huff Post

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