Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 10/12/14

Dating While Formerly Obese– This article hit home to me. I had done online dating for years, but after losing 80 lbs it was very different. I remember going out on dates and still having to watch what I was eating and how much a drank in order to fit within my calorie budget for the week. I remember being so afraid to tell anyone about the “old” me in fear of some sort of rejection. Before one date with a guy who was coming over to my house for dinner I remember frantically going to Walgreen’s to print new pictures of myself with friends to put into frames so I could hide who I used to be. The question is do people really care? “She found that potential suitors said they would hesitate to form a romantic relationship with someone who used to be heavy.”

Chain Restaurants Cutting Calories– Finally restaurants are starting to get it! Little differences can lead to big changes. “New research shows that newer menu selections at many large chain restaurants in the United States now average 12 percent fewer calories than traditional dishes.”

The real reason you binge eat–  I have talked before about my struggle with binge eating, so of course seeing this article I had to read it. Whether it is true or not, I find it comforting that it may all be in our control. “What’s beyond doubt is that humans have a sweet tooth, but it’s the pleasure of eating, not the neurochemical activity of sugar, that drives this”

You May Change Bad Fat to Good After Cold Exposure– With the weather starting to turn across the US I thought this article seemed fitting. “Cold temperatures may prompt unhealthy white fat in the thighs and belly to turn into brown fat that burns calories for body heat, a new study says.”

 The Massive Fitness Trend That’s Not Actually Healthy At All– I typically try not to post opinion articles, but I really liked this one. I think he talks about a topic that is very prevalent in our society and for myself this was very relateable. I like the question/challenge he poses at the end.  “Any serious athlete knows that rest, recovery, and periodization (smartly modifying intensity based on goals, performance, and ability) are absolutely crucial to optimal performance (aka kicking ass). There is a massive trend in the fitness industry to glorify exercise as an all-out war on the body. I call it the militarization of fitness—all the boot camps, Marine-inspired workouts, ridiculously intense body building routines, and general glorification of pain.”


Photo from Huff Post

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