Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 11/9/14

The Caffeine-Alcohol Effect– In college it was a staple to mix red bull with almost any booze when going out. You had been up late the night before, at class all day, and needed a pick up in order to rally throughout the night. This article brings some good insight into the risks of doing this. “People who add caffeine to their cocktail are at greater risk of being in an accident or making a decision they will later regret (like getting in the car with a drunk driver) than those who stick to straight booze.”

Year 1 of Legal Marijuana Lessons Learned in CO– Oh my home state. I personally think it is good to see what the effects of legalizing marijuana are prior to more states legalizing. It is always good to take findings and see how you can improve off of them. It will be interesting to see where this goes. “Wolk, the state’s public health director, expects to have a clearer picture of legalization by spring 2015, when the Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee will release its findings on the first year of legalization. The report will look at hospital visits, impaired driving incidents, teen use, rehab visits, and many other metrics. In the meantime, he believes the state is doing all it can, given the mandate to allow and regulate legal sales issued by voters in 2012.”

Great Vacation? Don’t Brag To Your Friends– “But the pleasure of a social encounter is built on commonality. People are more likely to enjoy talking about an ordinary experience they have all had rather than hearing about the fabulous one they didn’t. So sharing the details of your singular experience in a social setting can indeed backfire, leading to feelings of being excluded.”

Thinking about the long-term impact of your food choices may help control food cravings– This article is interesting, it is all about how you think about things and the impact it can make. “A new study adds evidence to the current thinking that individuals with obesity can successfully reduce cravings using distract tasks.”


Photo from Huff Post

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