Food Is Bringing Sexy Back

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I love food. Everything about it. The experience of walking into a restaurant, breathing in the ambiance, sitting down to look over the menu, and imagining how each dish will taste.  I love the presentation of the food upon it’s arrival, the plate it is served on, and the utensil used to enjoy it. Then of course there is the obvious, how good the food tastes. Nothing beats the first bite of a dish. No matter how many bites come after, it will not taste the same. Therefore I try to savor that first bite every time and stay present in the moment. With that said I wanted to share some of the delicious meals I have had the pleasure of enjoying over the last couple of months. These meals span from Los Angeles up to the Bay area and instead of describing each meal in length, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


 One of my favorite neighborhood mexican restaurants. Everything is organic, local, and delightful.

photo 19

Homemade Moscow Mules from my best friend, served in authentic copper mugs

photo 18

Los Angeles knows how to serve a good chicken salad sandwich. Made with Truffle oil. Need I say more

photo 18

Grilled fish tacos, perfect paired with summer sun and a cold beer

photo 20

Quinoa, beets, and curry eggplant. Perfect combination

photo 15

Brunch with avocado toast and a poached egg

photo 16

A light and refreshing simple salad

photo 12

Strawberry Rhubarb scones. A treat upon arriving and sitting down at what will now be my new favorite brunch spot in the city

photo 11

Arepas, probably my favorite food on the planet. One filled with eggs, one with potatoes, and one with pork, black beans, and plantains. Perfectly split with a friend


Two words, Shishito Peppers

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