Small Town 4th Of July Fun


As I mentioned in my previous post this last weekend we went up to Trinity National forest to go camping for the 4th of July weekend.  First let me say I love camping. Something about being outside, no technology, and living simply for a weekend has always been really appealing to me. I love cooking over an open fire, hiking and exploring the surroundings, and sleeping under the stars.

The camp trip started on Thursday with a long drive up north. We arrived later than expected and were only able to grab a quick bite to eat before having  to setup camp. There is nothing like putting up a tent in the pitch black with a headlamp to guide your way. The next morning Dustin and I were up early at 5:30am and headed into town to meet our friends Erica and Alex for a 4th of July Fun Run.


The race was a lot of fun! There was an option for a 2.5 mile race or a 5 mile race. Erica did the 2.5 mile run and got first place, so she totally kicked butt!  I did the 5-mile run and ended up being a little disappointed with my performance and time.  I started the race with a goal to just to have a nice time and to not get competitive.  I began leisurely and did not run at my full potential.  So when I deiced to actually race I was already a little behind. Of course trail running is not my usual kind of run. Over 2 miles of the run was all up a steep hill and on a narrow trail. Which let me just say that 2 miles was HARD! Once I made it to the top I started my downward decent. With the narrow trail I would get trapped behind people and it would take me a little while to pass them. Then I ended up getting lost twice and had to back track.  So coming into the finish line I was disappointed with my time. Oh well though. I ended up coming in 9th total and 2nd in the girls division.  On a less competitive note I was really proud of myself for doing a very different run then I usually do and it was just fun to be doing something active with friends!





So what does one do after a run? Well we decided it was time to attend the pie and ice cream social. Let me say I have never had pie for breakfast and it was by far the most glorious thing! Dustin and I split a piece of apple and berry pie. Everything was amazing! I now have a new goal to make a pie from scratch within the next few months. Next on the agenda was the 4th of July Parade where the whole town of Weaverville was out, dressed from head to toe in red, white, and blue, and ready to cheer on their fellow neighbors. It was just so fun to feel like part of this small community.



After the full day of activities we went back to camp and just relaxed for the rest of the day. We stayed that night in Erica and Alex’s cabin, which was nice after our late night the night before. The next morning after feeling fully rested Erica and I went on a 4 mile hike before we had to check out of the cabin. I forget how nice catching up with friends can be when you are just moving your body. Something about walking through nature is just very relaxing. I find some of my best conversations with people happen while hiking. It is just a great way to bond.


photo 1

photo 14

That day we made our way back to Weaverville and on the agenda was a picnic in the park while watching the local arm wrestling contest. A park date is not complete without playing catch and throwing a Nerf ball around. After sitting in the sun all day it was time for the demolition derby for our main evening event. That is right, we watched old beat up cars hit into one another in a big ring of mud. This is just one of the many reasons I love small towns! The derby was a great time and afterwards we were beat from too much beer and sun. We grabbed a burrito and headed back to camp for the night.

photo 2

photo 18

The next morning I got up and went on a 4 mile run before we packed up and headed back to San Francisco. I always like to move my body before any long period of sitting. The drive was a lot quicker this time and I was able to get home in time to still do laundry, go grocery shopping, and prep for the week ahead. All in all it was a great time celebrating America in probably the most American way I ever have before. Can’t wait for next year!

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