Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 11/30/14

Shop Yourself Happy– In light of the holiday season and all of the shopping consumers will do in the next 3 weeks, I thought this article was only fitting. What I like about this article is it does not preach you should not spend money this holiday, but instead poses 8 ways to spend money and get more out of it. I know I do a couple of these this time of year and it definitely feels more rewarding. “If money doesn’t make you happy, then you probably aren’t spending it right.”

Calories on Menus: Nationwide Experiment Into Human Behavior– I have posted a few articles on this subject, because it is something that I really believe in, I find beneficial as a consumer, and because human behavior is also fascinating. Research seems to still be a little inconclusive based on not having a large enough sample base and a long enough period of time. However the Starbucks example is very interesting. “One of the largest studies to date, involving hundreds of millions of transactions at Starbucks, found a small but real decline in the number of calories consumers bought.”

Can Mushrooms Treat Depression?– This article lays out some of the psychological benefits that can come from a drug derived from magic mushrooms called psilocybin, a couple of which are helping depression and obsessive compulsive behavior. However since magic mushrooms are illegal it poses difficulty for researchers to really dig in and find out how it can benefit people.

The Lessons of Peyton Manning  One thing I love about fall is football. Yes I might not always watch it, but something about even hearing the sound in the background is very comforting to me. Being from Colorado the Broncos have been my favorite football team my entire life. Now having a quarterback like Peyton Manning is just added icing to the cake. When I came across this article this week I knew I needed to include it.  The author for this article looks at Peyton Manning’s successes and makes it relatable for others in their own personal goals. “The real masters of their craft demonstrate that quality of mindset determines quality of behavior, and that great physical achievements are often the result of the mental and emotional fitness behind them, not the other way around.”

Why 2025 Matters: From Tech to Table– “Many policy experts at the Food and Agriculture Organization, among other institutions, believe the challenge facing us now is to practice something called “sustainable intensification.” This means increasing food production from existing farmland while minimizing pressure on the environment.”


Photo from Huff Post


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