Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 12/28/14

Is 2015 the Year We All Sequence Our Microbiomes?– So this article is not as much about how one should practice health and fitness as it is about what is new and upcoming in terms of technology for the upcoming year. Blocks of vegan cheese, a device that measures how much vitamin D you are getting daily, devices where you can swab yourself for bacteria and send in to get analyzed, to even a posture shirt. It will be interesting to see if any of these take off in the next year or if they stay as little niches.

Exercise to Lose Weight, Stay Warm– I think the statement of working out in the cold burns more calories then working out in warmer weather is one we have all heard. I of course never researched it, but figures it must be true. This study actually shows the opposite. “Over all, the volunteers felt more ravenous after working out in the cold and loaded their plates with more food than when they had been warm during their workout.But they had not burned more calories during the exercise session in the cold. In fact, the researchers’ data showed, they had expended significantly fewer calories then than when walking while warm.”

Make Your Resolutions Stick Finally– It is that time of year again for New Years resolutions. I for one am admit that they can work if you set your mind to it. For me it was NYE 2011 I  made a commitment to lose weight. I started with an achievable goal, to lose 20 lbs. Once I started and I saw how good it felt I kept going. I really like this article because it is straight forward and tells you like it is. I think it gives great advice for setting goals and sticking to them. I in fact have a new goal for the year I am just getting ready to start. Cant wait!

No Phones In Bed– “When subjects read on the iPad as compared to the paper books (hereafter referred to as “books”), the people reported feeling less sleepy at night and less alert the following morning. Of course, this is not a blinded study, the kind with a placebo—the participants could have been biased in reporting how they felt. But, empirically, they also took longer to fall asleep on the iPad nights and spent less time in the REM phase of sleep. And the blood tests showed that on average, the brain’s melatonin secretion on those nights was delayed by an hour and a half.”

Hit the Weights, not the treadmill, to reduce belly fat– “Results showed that the men who increased the amount of time they spent lifting weights by 20 minutes a day had a smaller waistline gain during the time period (-0.67 cm), compared with those who increased their aerobic exercise by 20 minutes a day (-0.33 cm) or who increased yard work or stair climbing (-0.16 cm).”


Photo from Huff Post


One thought on “Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 12/28/14

  1. The article on exercise and temperature is pretty surprising. That said, I remember running in 100 degree days in Davis and basically having to pass out after as the body is tired from getting rid of all the internal heat.

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