Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 01/11/15

How will you be working out this year? Top fitness trends for 2015–  I had a similar article like this last week, but if you are like me I am all about trends. “Experts predict that the most popular form for exercise for 2015 will be high intensity interval training. This form of exercise uses short bursts of intense exercise, followed by short periods of rest. Usually, this type of training is done as part of a class with a leader. The benefit is that you can get a good workout in as little as 20 minutes.”

Muscle Strength Is in the Mind– “In a small study recently published in the Journal of Neurophysiology, researchers found that much of muscle strength is based on brain activity, rather than on the mass of the muscles themselves. There’s a fair amount of evidence that you’ll activate the same parts of the brain doing imagery as you do if you’re actually doing the task itself,” The basic thought is that the imagery is allowing the brain to maintain those connections.”

The 7 Secrets of Travel Workouts– After just wrapping up my busy season at work I for one am getting ready to start my work travel again. Through in a couple of planned vacations this Spring as well and it looks like I am going to be spending at least a week or two away a month. What this means is breaking up my usual workout routines and having to improvise. This is a lengthy article, but the author gives some really good and specific tips. If you want some quick go to’s then scroll down to the bottom of his article and he has some quick tips.

Junk Food In The New Year– This article is really short, but it is interesting to me that with everyone’s new year resolutions un-healthy food consumption continues to increase after the holiday’s.

Unearthed: How to get people to cook more? Get Easters to complain less– I really enjoyed this article. It talks about the obstacles people face when cooking at home vs eating out or cooking more processed foods. Probably since I do not have children myself, I had never thought about how challenging it would to have someone at your table complaining about what you cook. “Prepared and processed foods are made by people whose job it is to formulate delicious dishes. In some cases, they devote vast resources to irresistibility. They don’t care whether you eat your vegetables or whether you’re getting fat. Their job is to make you like what they cook.  So the hard, cold fact of it is, as Lumeng says, “the food you cook at home is often not as tasty.” No one says “how delicious” because it is not delicious.”



Photo From Huff Post


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