Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 03/08/15

Nuts, Fat, Added Sugars: New Research– This article looks at the benefit of eating more nuts, and the added weight loss scene in people with a low fat diet vs. low carb. “Those eating a lower amount of nuts per day (less than a half-ounce) had more than a doubling of metabolic syndrome” compared to those eating a half-ounce or more a day.” “Following a low-fat diet led to about a 67% greater body-fat loss than following a low-carb plan.”

The Firefighter Workout– One thing I found fascinating about this article is how it starts, 4 in 5 firefighters are overweight or obese. When you stop and think about that it is alarming. So as you can imagine there is a group of health conscious firefighters working to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle for current firefighters.  The focus is on using functional fitness as the main area of exercise.

Why Running Does Not (Always) Burn Fat– I think this is one of the best articles I have read on running. I myself a few years ago fell into the pitfall of using running as my only form of cardio. Yes I would also weight train, but running was my main focus. Now that I have incorporated so many different kinds of exercise I have found my body is stronger and mentally I am more into my daily workout.

Vitamin B.S.– Have you ever wondered why we all believe vitamins will make us into healthier people? Well that is what this article discusses. Along with how vitamins came about into our culture, built into popularity, and true benefits. You may not want to read the whole article, but can skim through to what sounds interesting to you.

Fast Food doesn’t have to be a diet killer-Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to eat fast food. It has been a long day, you are traveling, etc. I like this article because it gives some really great pointers at the end on how to make healthier choices when ordering fast food. I for one practice a lot of this when I am on the road or out to dinner with friends.  “Key characteristics of fast food can combat a few pitfalls of restaurant meals. No foods are delivered to your table to whet your appetite before your food arrives. There’s nearly no waiting for your food. It’s order and eat. Foods come in a wide range of portion sizes, from small to jumbo.”


Photo From Huff Post


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