Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 03/15/15

The Power of ‘Good Enough’– I like this article because it makes you think about how sometimes we strive for wanting it all, we want perfect. However that may not always happen. Can we be ok with just good enough? “If you ever aren’t sure if you attended the very best party or bought the very best computer, just settle for “good enough.” People who do this are called “satisficers,” and they’re consistently happier, he’s found, than are “maximizers,” people who feel that they must choose the very best possible option.”

Is Technology Spoiling Your Workout-I have never stopped to think about how my workout’s and fitness routine keep my constantly plugged into technology. I listen to music from my phone, have an app that tracks my miles, I wear my fitbit daily, and keep track of what I eat. This article talks about how the author did the daring, unplugged her workouts. “is a double-edged sword. For some people, technology is the exact reason to get off the couch and for others it’s what makes them too competitive.”

What Yoga Taught Me About the Balanced Life– This article is opinion based, but I really enjoyed reading it. Balance is a word I use often when describing my ideal self and it was nice to read another perspective. These were my two favorite quotes from the article.”Balance is not about symmetry, but about perspective, how we see.” “Balance is not so much striking or holding the pose, but flowing with the movements that affect your pose. The more quickly you can respond and make those adjustments – that’s balance. Balance comes from adapting quickly.”

Probiotics 101: Literally Everything You Need to Know– Probitoics has become a new buzz word. However do most of us really know what probiotics are and why we need them in our body? Well this article does a great job of laying out what probiotics is and why bacteria in our gut is good. “Probiotics have been shown to have numerous health benefits. They may reduce depression and anxiety, improve heart health and enhance immune function, to name a few.”

7 Reasons This Is The Ultimate Dinner Hack–  I personally have had yet to try the new website plated, but started to hear friends talking about it. So when I saw this article I thought it was worth a read and passing along to others. What is plated? It is a delivery service that brings healthy ingredients and recipes so you can cook meals at home, fast, easy, and convenient.


Photo from Huff Post


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