Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 03/31/15

Why Los Angeles’ Fast Food Ban Did Nothing To Check Obesity– This is the first I had personally heard about this test in LA with the city banning opening’s of new fast food restaurants in southern LA in hopes of curbing obesity. Personally I love the goal of wanting to help with what is being called an “epidemic.” however it feels like maybe not the most thought out approach. “Surveys of diet and obesity show no changes that can be attributed to the new fast-food restrictions. Fast-food consumption and obesity rates continued to increase in all areas of LA from 2007 to 2011-2012, and the increase was greatest in the areas affected by the fast-food restrictions.”

An Upbeat Emotion That’s Surprisingly Good for You– I am all about how mood and feeling affect our well being. I believe positive thoughts will make people healthier. So when I saw this article I was excited to read it. Who knew the emotion “Awe” would have the biggest impact. “A new study singles out one surprising emotion as a potent medicine: awe. And happily, awe seems to be much easier to come by than many might expect, even for the busy and stressed-out.”

Germanwings Crash Raises Questions About Shifting Ideas of Pilot Fitness–  On CNN this has been a huge topic of discussion this last week. Is there more of an opportunity for airlines to regulate pilots well being prior to flying? This article has some good food for thought. “The programs currently used by airlines and regulators on either side of the Atlantic, aviation experts and psychiatrists said, leave much to be desired. Screening exams are given on a yearly basis and often merely nod to mental health issues, including only a few questions about depression or other illnesses. The exams are often conducted by general practitioners with no psychiatric expertise. In addition, most programs are based on an honor system, relying on pilots to volunteer information about problems they might have.”

Starbucks Introduces Delivery, Mobile Ordering– One of my favorite parts of getting my morning coffee is the routine of walking to the place, standing inline, and seeing all of the people around me. I love the smell, experience, and just getting out in the fresh air. In a society where time seems to dictate all, we are now becoming a society that seems to no longer have time to walk down the block to grab a drink. It will be interesting to see how consumers utilize this new program. “It is mind-boggling to me how many of our customers want Starbucks delivered, even when there is a Starbucks in the lobby of their building,” CEO Howard Schultz told BuzzFeed News in an interview. “I think it’s going to be wildly successful; we’ve figured out how to do it, and it is going to create jobs, no question.”

Keurig for X’: Pods Invade the Kitchen– “Companies are attempting to replicate Keurig’s astounding success by conveniently delivering habit-forming substances at the push of a button. There’s Synek, the Keurig for craft beer, and Somabar, the Keurig for cocktails. Flatev is the Keurig of tortillas; Genie is the Keurig of couscous; the One Shot is the Keurig of miso soup; and if its designers are ever able to bring it to market, Cookiwill be the Keurig of home-cooked meals.”


Photo from Huff Post


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