Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 04/12/15

The Psychology of Healthy Facebook Use: No Comparing to Other Lives– It is hard to believe social media has been around for over a decade now. I remember signing up for my facebook account in college before any of my friends had one. Now it seems like everyone has an account, but what is social media really doing to our generation? “What these two studies reveal is that the underlying mechanism is social comparison. That’s why the more time we spend on Facebook, the more likely we are to feel depressed.”

Being a Night Owl May Be Bad for Your Health– After taking the test within the article I was surprised to find I do not have a particular sleeping tendency. Although I was at the highest number you could be in this bracket, almost to the Rise and Shine. I for one used to hate the morning, now I love it! It is interesting how you can change your bodies internal clock if you work at it. “Men who were night owls were significantly more likely to have diabetes, and women night owls were more than twice as likely to have metabolic syndrome — high blood sugar levels, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal lipid readings.”

Out With The Caraway, In With The Ginger: 50 Years Of American Spice Consumption– I personally loved this article. I love to cook and over the years have found spices make all the difference. So of course it is not surprising that spices would be as trendy as other types of foods. This article talks about some of the top spices and their trends over time. “it details the availability of various spices every year from 1966 to 2012, data that can serve as a proxy for consumption, according to Jeanine Bentley, the USDA analyst who put the data set together.1 While it doesn’t tell us the exact amounts ingested in a year, it does provide some clues about trends over time.”

Tips for eating well when you are not at home– With getting ready to go on a vacation myself I thought this article was fitting to post. It is short, but spot on. When I go on vacation I try to enjoy myself, but also not get off track. This includes a morning workout, which is always shorter and less intense then if I am at home in my normal routine, a lot of walking, ensuring I eat something green every day, and picking one vice a day, aka either alcohol of dessert. By doing this I have never come back from a vacation having gained weight, but I also still feel relaxed and that I was able to enjoy the time I spent.

Does Wanting To Be Thin Make You A Slave To The Man? “Feminism often gets into an unappealing cul-de-sac where there’s this set of practices or beliefs that you have to be part of to be a good feminist. Interestingly, that’s not very different from more conventional forms of social policing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking care of your body. I just want to know you’re feeling beautiful and important at whatever weight you want.”


Photo from Huff Post


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