Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 01/04/15

5 Fitness Trends to Try in 2015- In several articles I have read it looks like High Intensity Training, or HIT is going to be the big trend this next year. I mean who wouldn’t want to burn the same amount of calories in less time? Also top of the list are Body Weight Training, Treadmill Training, Recovery Efforts, and Digital Engagement, aka Apps and other fitness technology.

Mile Posts: 10 Tips For Making 2015 Your Fittest Year Yet– I found all of these tips really useful and good. Especially the Self Pep Talk, we can all do a little more of that.

Why Not Just Breathalyze Yourself?– This article essentially covers personal breathalyzers and if more people were to use them then we could potentially see a decrease in drinking and driving. I like how the author compares it to a speedometer. You would never drive your car without knowing how fast you were going, so know what your BAC is should be similar. With cost’s starting at $30 and the size of a key chain, it seems like an easy low barrier of entry. The question is how do you make it more popular for people?

My Relationship With Food: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do- But So Worth It– This is more of a personal story then it is health tips. However I feel with the New Year and people making resolutions, it is nice to read from someone else’s perspective. I also love the questions she has at the very end to ask yourself. Sometimes I feel we do not stop enough to ask ourselves how the food we eat makes us feel. So why not start now?

The Super-Short Workout and Other Fitness Trends–  Let’s just face it. Exercise is good for us.It is important everyone moves their body, however it does not need to be an hour in the gym every day. Even as little as 1 minute of vigorous activity can make a difference. Anything is better then nothing. “In various experiments, physical activity was found to lessen and even reverse the effects of aging on human skin; protect against age-related vision loss;improve creativity; lower people’s risk of developing heart diseaseeven if they had multiple risk factors for the condition; increase the numbers of good bacteria in athletes’ guts; raise exercisers’ pain tolerance; and alter, in desirable ways, how our DNA works.”


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One thought on “Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 01/04/15

  1. The article on breathalyzers does a great job drilling home the value but not the practicality. People don’t naturally go out of their way (in any way) to check their BAC as it would confirm their anxiety of being slightly over the limit. They choose that they are fine and won’t get pulled over. Hate to sound tyranical but people need to be forced to care about it more. While crazy expensive, the odds of getting pulled over are very slim.

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