Health & Fitness Articles of the Week – 01/18/15

Salvaging Atkins-Yes it is back, the new and approved atkins diet. What is the difference compared to how Atkins used to be in the prime time of 1980? Well now there are more carbohydrates allowed then before. Back in the hay day it was 20 grams to start. Now the diet allows for 40 grams and can gradually increase. “Focusing on calories probably has failed the American population, but so has the fat-carbohydrate duality. The low-carb movement, like the low-fat movement before it, drew people into a macronutrient-centered approach that lumped all carbs together and all fats together, pitting them against each other in an oversimplified tug of war. The Atkins amendment this week is a partial step away from diet extremism, from the proprietors of what was once one of the most influential extreme diets.”

The Art of Off Season Training– This article is written by Yael Averbuch a professional women’s soccer player who talks about what it means to be in off season and how one optimizes time when not in the peak of competition. I like her principles, although you can tell she is a fierce competitor. I think the goals she lays out could be interpreted in a lot of aspects in life outside of just fitness as well.

Yoga For Heart Health– ” In 1404 studies on yoga – 37 were direct comparisons of yoga to either no exercise, or traditional aerobic exercise. The results of yoga versus no exercise were clear. Compared to non-exercisers, those who practiced yoga sustained significant improvement in cardiac risk factors. On average, yogis lost 2.35 kg of body weight, lowered their blood pressure by 5 mm/hg, and improved their cholesterol profiles by reducing LDL and increasing HDL.”

Women’s Self-Esteem and What Men Want– A sad, but very real finding on how women have better perception of their bodies when they feel men are more attracted to slightly bigger women. What I found interesting is the rule did not apply to other women. “A recent study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that telling women men were attracted to non-stick-thin models increased their body satisfaction.”

F.D.A Approves Surgical Implant to Treat Obesity– I find it sad we are becoming a nation which needs to have implants in order to help people from preventing to eat in order to lose weight. “The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved a surgically implanted device to treat obesity in some adults. Called the Maestro system, the implant is the first to generate an intermittent electrical pulse that blocks nerve signals from the brain to the stomach, reducing hunger pangs.”



Photo from Huff Post


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