A Week In Photos In New York City

A couple of weeks ago I went out to the East Coast for my typical work trip to Providence, Rhode Island. I usually make this trip a couple of times a year, but often it is coupled with other work trips so I never get to take extra time and make my way to New York City. This time the trip happened to coincide with my birthday so I decided I needed to tack on a few days at the end to go see two of my best ladies and celebrate in style.

photo 19

Now how is one to get from Providence to New York City? The first option that came to mind for me was flying. However after seeing a one way plane ticket would be over $200 I had to quickly re-consider. After some research I found I could take a train ride to the Big Apple for only $80, I was sold. So after spending a Monday-Wednesday in Providence I embarked on my journey Thursday morning.

photo 13photo 12

I started my morning with a nice 7 mile run before getting ready and heading over to the train station. The train ride was 3 hours and I loved the whole experience. Looking out the windows upon every little East Coast sea town was quite delightful. I fantasized about wearing a striped dress, drinking champagne, and eating lobster at some quaint little bed and breakfast. I also used the time to just enjoy some magazines and get caught up on life. Once arriving at Grand Central station I made my way to my girlfriends office to unload my luggage before walking a mile to the Chelsea Market.

photo 14 photo 15

I love the Chelsea Market. It reminds me a lot of the Ferry Building in San Francisco. The market is all about food, drinks, and people. There are also various shops for local artists, which I appreciate. I wondered from shop to shop just exploring everything the building had to offer. I decided this would be a perfect place to stop and have a late lunch. Of course I could not make up my mind on what to order so I got a soba noodle salad and a couscous salad. Both were delicious!

photo 6 photo 7

The evening consisted of drinking wine back at my girlfriend Lauren’s beautiful apartment in Bed-Stuy where we caught up on life. We then walked to a small neighborhood Italian restaurant for dinner. I don’t let myself indulge in pasta very often, but every time I come to New York it is a must. Nothing beats their Italian Food. We have nothing in San Francisco that even compares in my opinion. I ordered an eggplant bolognese and ate every last bite! After a long day of walking and a run I felt I deserved all the wine and pasta my body wanted. Although I did skip on the bread and olive oil, some regulation still needed to happen.

photo 16

Day two started with a journey over to my favorite workout place in NYC, Flywheel. The 45 minute intense spinning class was just what I needed after a night of good food and drinks. After the class  I found my obsession Whole Foods and got some yogurt and fruit before finding a quaint little coffee shop to sit and read at while enjoying my morning treat. Next I spent the day roaming around the city popping into little shops that caught my eye and of course I had to venture over to Soho for some shopping.

photo 10

Later that evening I met up with my girlfriend Katie at her new apartment in the East Village where we packed a picnic of cheese, bread, fruit, and veggies for a night dinner on her roof. The warm weather was perfect and sitting overlooking the city lights glistening with champagne in hand made for a fantastic start to the night.  Next was a night cap at a neighboring bar which was soon followed by bed.

photo 9

Day Three started with a 5 mile run along the water. Nothing beats an early, warm east coast morning. After getting ready and grabbing some amazing coffee I met back up with my girlfriend Lauren again for a day at the spa.  I was able to find us an amazing deal that included a 2 1/2 hour manicure, massage, and facial all for $130. I checked in on Yelp and was able to get 30% off bringing my grand total to $90! Did I mention they gave us free champagne?

photo 23

Next on the agenda was an afternoon at a wine bar in the East Village where Lauren and I enjoyed some Vino, salad, and cheese. All of my favorite things! The portions were huge so Lauren and I no matter how hard we tried were not able to polish off the plate. After our late and leisurely lunch we made our way back to Brooklyn and relaxed before getting ready for dinner. For my last night  Lauren and I went out to eat at an amazing Venezuelan restaurant in Brooklyn.

photo 11

The next morning I went on a 5 mile run around Lauren’s neighborhood before heading to the airport. All in all it was a great few days and I can’t say how nice it was to spend time with my girlfriends! New York City is always such a special place for me, but I have to say I am always glad when I get back to the city by the bay!

Apartment Decorating- New York City Love



In my recent quest for a new home I have become obsessed with looking at small apartments and seeing how people utilize their space and decorate. The website Apartment Therapy has become a nightly indulgence. I look at beautiful pictures of homes in sprawling urban cities and I am just amazed by the  creativity and imagination out there. People can transform 500 square feet apartments into homes big enough to fit a family of 3.


photo 11


photo 12


Two weeks ago I was in New York City visiting 2 of my closest girlfriends for a late birthday celebration. Over the years my girlfriends have lived in various apartments within Manhattan.  With each visit not only have I been lucky enough to explore new neighborhoods, but I have also been able to see the unique way that only New Yorker’s can live. Whether it was the East Village, Kips Bay, or Brooklyn each neighborhood and apartment offered something truly endearing and unique.


photo 2


photo 1


After spending 8 years in Manhattan by girlfriend Lauren recently decided it was finally time for more space and made the big move over to the trendy side of New York, aka Brooklyn. She has found an amazing apartment in an up and coming neighborhood called Bedford Stuyvesant, aka Bed Stuy to the locals. The neighborhood still has a little ways to go, but new amazing restaurants are starting to slowly pop up and with the old brick stone houses lining the streets you can see why this area will become the next big thing.


photo 4


Lauren has truly amazing taste and I have always been in love with every one of her apartment’s. I guess when you are a designer decorating is something that just comes naturally to you. However I have to say her new apartment took my breath away the first time I saw it. Walking in and seeing the hard wood floors, white walls with crown molding, the updated kitchen, and all of the natural light it not only made her place feel cozy and inviting, but also stylish and intimate.


photo 13


photo 17

I have to say out of everyone I have ever known, Lauren is by far and away my style soul mate. The pictures were all taken in her amazing place and I only hope that when I go to decorate my new home it will feel half as beautiful and trendy as hers. Hopefully I can bring a piece of New York style to San Francisco.

Things I Love This Week

photo 4

What can I say about coffee. I love it. I drink it every morning. Not because I need the caffeine, but I just love the taste and the sipping on something warm. One of my favorite coffee places in the city is Philz. Their slogan is “One cup at a time” and boy can you taste the difference. I typically order the same thing every time I go. However the other day it was a warm afternoon in the city and I decided to try something new. I got their iced mint mojito coffee. Now I am addicted and starting my morning off in a whole new way.

photo 6

One of my biggest weakness is baked goods. Now I am not one to eat sweets really, but savory baked treats is where I indulge.  I could never imagine my life without bread, although I do have to eat it in moderation. It is rare for me to indulge in something like this without an occasion, but the other morning while out to eat for brunch the biscuit looked too amazing to pass up. And it was! I ate the whole thing, no regrets.

photo 3

The other night after dinner with some of my favorite girlfriends we wandered into a bar in Bernal Heights called Holy Water for a night cap. I immediately became obsessed with their light fixture’s. I might need to re-create this in my new place.

photo 5

Another morning brunch, this time I went for a little healthier option. Chia seed porridge with peaches and nuts. This was at one of the best brunch places in the city Plow. It also happens to be in my lovely neighborhood too.  Get there early though, there is always a long wait.

photo 2

While walking through the SOMA district I stumbled into this little coffee shop. It felt very New York to me and was a great place to get a little work done while sipping on something warm.

photo 1

A beautiful bouquet of flowers from my team at work in celebration of my birthday. They are so me and very summer. Love.

Saturday Morning Farmers Market- When Pictures Are Better Than Words

photo 4

Happy Saturday everyone! After having two back to back weeks of work travel and then a week with commitments almost everyday after work I decided I  needed a “me” morning to myself.  Now if you have never done a “me” morning before let me just say first you need to. “Me” mornings are those mornings where everything is focused on what you want to do. No obligations, no watch, nothing has to get done, just time to enjoy the simple things in life that make you happy. These mornings can be the most therapeutic for me personally and are a great way to re-charge your life battery.

photo 15

For me that meant starting my day by sleeping in with no alarm clock. I woke up to the sun creeping in through the curtains, feeling the slight coolness from the slow morning breeze, all while being tucked under the warmth of my comforter.  Leisurely I got up and slowly started my day. Once I made it from my sleeping cocoon I took the dog for a walk and then proceeded to go on a run. My initial thought was to just do 5 miles, but today I had the running gods with me and it just felt easy. With no commitments or obligations I decided to just keep going until my body decided it was done. That ended up being a little over an hour (66 minutes to be exact) and 10.10 miles.

photo 14

After my run a shower and getting ready was in order. After an intense exercise nothing is as calming and rejuvenating as a long hot shower. There is also something so nice to not have to worry about being ready by a certain time and just being able to enjoy the moment. Part of my “me” day also consisted of wearing my weekend clothes. You know that ratty old t-shirt and torn up comfy jeans that are perhaps not work appropriate, but for a Saturday morning they are just what you want to wear and make you feel good the moment you slip both on. I hope everyone has a weekend outfit that gives them the same satisfaction!

photo 5

Next I decided to grab a cup of coffee at my local joint and make my way to the neighborhood farmers market. Let me just say I love going to the farmers market. Strolling through the crowd, seeing what people are excited about, tasting everything I possibly can, the vibrant colors, the sweet smells from the fruit, and just getting inspired by wholesome food. Cherries and Strawberries are in season right now and the market was full of them! The strawberries below were some of the sweetest and most delicious ones I have tasted in a long time. I left the market with 2 very full bags of fresh produce.

photo 2

The morning ended with me heading back  home and making a delicious breakfast to enjoy while reading some news articles, which you will all see tomorrow! I sat at my dinner table over looking the window and enjoyed another cup of coffee, some overnight oats (a mixture of yogurt and oats), fresh cherries and strawberries from the market, and a piece of whole wheat toast with my friend Jaclyn’s homemade jam on top. My mission was accomplished, my “me” morning put me into a relaxed place and was a great way to end my week.

photo 13

Things I Love This Week



Walking down 24th street in the Mission District admiring some of the amazing mural art. If you have not taken a stroll in this part of the mission district you should go check it out. It is eclectic, unique, and has a very different vibe then what you find down on 16th and Valencia. New restaurants and bars are starting to pop up here as well, so a good area to keep on your radar.


The other day I ordered the Curry Chicken open faced sandwich from The Grove at Yerba Buena downtown for a quick lunch while shopping. In order to keep this meal a little healthier I only ate one slice of the bread, but all of the chicken and greens. I finished my meal feeling satisfied and full.



Coffee off of Polk Street in Russian Hill at Saint Frank’s Coffee. Walked in around opening at 7:00 am after my Pop Physique class. Bright, open, relaxing, minimalist space. I ordered a delightful pour over coffee and topped it off with some almond milk and a little sugar.


The other love of my life Cooper. I wonder if it is possible to fit a 3rd ball in that mouth, I know he would love to try.

   photo photo

My new vintage coat, I love a good find.  Growing up my mom owned a kid’s consignment store, so I have used clothes in my DNA. This one is via Buffalo Exchange in the mission. This steal was $30 which for a nice wool coat can’t be beat.



Friday night I ate dinner at a new restaurant in Russian Hill called Verbena. This restaurant opened just three months ago and what I find noteworthy about it is all of the vegetables they use are sourced from a small local family farm. The ambiance is warm and inviting, but the place also keeps a sophisticated feel to it. I would say the best approach to eating here is to split a few different dishes. This way you can try a little bit of everything on the menu. None of the portions are huge, so be warned you probably won’t want to go here starving as it could cost you. However the food was quite good and very flavorful. The presentation of the dishes also made me feel like I was eating something truly special. The dishes we tried were the Sprouted Seed bread with chevre with beet sauerkraut, The beets with hazelnut curds, teviso, with citrus, and lastly the Koji Quail. Can you tell I like beets?


We may have lost some light in the morning with the time change, but I decided to not let that stop me from wearing some color in spin class this morning.

Things I am loving this week from Coast to Coast

SF 1

Walking down Polk Street and Finding cheese sampling. I could never live in a world without cheese, bread, and wine. Too bad it always has to be consumed in moderation, otherwise I would eat it every day

SF 17

Discovering flowers on a cold winter day in New York City

SF 3

The best truck ever! Also should I mention it had a Colorado License Plate


Street Art walking in NYC. It reminds me of the mission street back in San Francisco

SF 9 SF 8 SF 7

SF 12

Brunch, The Best Meal to Eat Out

   SF 4

SF 14

SF 6

SF 5

SF 10

Working Out in Color

After spending a week in New York city it was interesting to me just how different working out there was. In NYC you see a sea of black coats layered over muted workout attire and everyone bundled from head to toe in order to avoid the bitter cold.  Packs of people march into elevators carrying garment bags and they all just blend into one another. To me it seemed the morning workout was just part of the routine, no need to stand out.

It is a completely different vibe than what you find in San Francisco. In San Francisco gyms are filled with bright, vibrant colors and bold, standout prints. People in San Francisco use working out as a way of self expression while attempting to do a downward dog in neon pink shorts and a vintage torn up t-shirt. Today I decided to embrace being back in the city and put on my bold Alo yoga pants with my bright neon custom made Nike minimalist shoes. Best bridesmaid gift ever! It feels good to be back home!

Workout gear

If you like the pants can be buy them here, Alo Women’s Airbrushed Legging

They have a lot of colors and patterns. Also I should mention they really hold up in a lot of different activities and are super comfy. They have turned into one of my new favorites. Enjoy!

Happy Valentines Day


To be honest I have never been a big fan of Valentines Day. Having spent most of my adult life without a Valentine  the day always seemed to be more of a “Single Awareness Day” then it was a day to celebrate the ones you love. Now having had a Valentine for the last few years I can say that even though it is still not my favorite holiday of the year it has started to grow on me and I find more appreciation in the day then I once did.


Typically I am in New York City for work every Valentines Day and for the first year in a long while my trip happens to be the week after. So instead of spending the night in a quaint, dark, brick walled restaurant in New York City with my two closest girlfriends I was able to spend the night with my wonderful boyfriend.

Tonight we spent the evening with two of our closest friend and decided a double date with beer, Little Star Pizza, and Netflix’s Season 2 Premier of House of Cards was better then any romantic date we could do on our own. Dinner was delicious. Little Star’s deep dish corn meal crust pizza is something there is no words for. The crust is thick, buttery, and just melts in your mouth.

To try and make the dinner a little healthier I made a giant salad with a bunch of my leftover veggies to go with it. This way I was able to fill most of my plate with the yummy greens and by doing so was able to get fuller without having to eat half of the pizza. Which after a day of spinning and Barre I was ready to devour it all! To top off the amazing dinner the four of us all split a homemade red velvet cream cheese cupcake my girlfriend had made. To me there is no dessert better then one that is homemade.


Weekend in Big Sur

Happy Sunday! This weekend I had the pleasure of going down to Big Sur California for my best friend Melissa’s engagement! It was a small group of her closest friends and family arranged by her now fiance as a surprise for her after he got down on one knee and popped the question.

The proposal happened  around dusk last night outside the Restaurant at Ventana and was followed by great food, good wine, laughter, and games. The group shared a bunch of the delicious starters with my favorite being the truffle risotto and the tuna tartar. For my main course I ordered the Wild King Salmon, which I have to say it was some of the best Salmon I have had in a really long time.  I also had to make sure and try Melissa’s pork loin wrapped in bacon with a fig jam. So good! Of course this was not the end of it. After dinner we shared pretty much every dessert on the menu and I was almost literally licked all of the plates clean. However my motto is you only have your best friend get engaged once so you need to enjoy!


This morning  I awoke to a slight stomach ache from the over abundance of sugar and alcohol from the night before. So I decided the only cure was to go for a run in the beautiful Pheiffer National Park and explore. After my 6 mile run I stumbled onto a beautiful hiking trail and decided to climb up and see what it was all about. The scenery was amazing and well worth the extra effort! The trip ended up being pretty quick, but now after just having a taste of Big Sur I feel another trip is soon on the horizon

hike4hike5photo hike3